Thank you to our volunteers!

This past weekend, we were blessed to have twelve volunteers give up their sunny Saturday morning in order to help make the Retreat Center’s grounds more beautiful. Our volunteers traveled from all over the Archdiocese- Tacoma, Sumner, Issaquah, and Shoreline, just to name a few!

For about three hours, our team pulled, ripped, and cut ivy that is overtaking the forest that our driveway entrance runs through. If you’ve dealt with ivy before on your own property, then you know that this is no small undertaking. The ivy endlessly entangles itself on the forest floor and also climbs up the trees. Ripping the ivy up usually takes a few hard tugs per vine- talk about a workout!

But it’s true that “many hands make light work.” With our group of twelve (which is so Biblical, right?) we were able to dispose of more than thirty bags of ivy! We uncovered a boulder, cleared some of the land by the driveway, and created “habitat piles” of logs and fallen tree limbs.

Concluding our hard labor, we prayed the Angelus together at noon and enjoyed lunch in the front courtyard. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, and it was so nice to have fellowship in the sunshine.

Again, we are grateful to our volunteers! Thank you for taking the time to beautify our Retreat Center, which serves so many ministries throughout the year. If you were unable to attend this volunteer day, we will have our next one in 2018! And of course, we welcome volunteers year-round – just email us and we will find a project and a time!


May God bless you and your families!
Gabrielle Nolan, Marketing Coordinator