Welcome to the Archbishop Brunett Retreat Center at the Palisades

Our ministry is an extension of the ministry of the Archbishop of Seattle: to serve the needs of the parishes and faith communities of the Archdiocese. We also warmly welcome groups from other denominations and nonprofit (501c3) groups.

We invite you to come spend time with us. Enjoy our inspiring view of the water. Catch the subtle scent of the evergreen trees and seawater in the air. Walk along our Stations of the Cross path interrupted only by the sounds of wildlife. Enjoy nourishing, satisfying food in the company of other guests. Spend some quiet time in our Chapel with the Eucharist.

If you have never attended a retreat before, we invite you to give it a try. You will be surprised how God will move in you in just a brief period of time. Our retreat leaders will help you discover how God is moving in your life and where He can lead you. Best of all, as you deepen your relationship with the risen Christ, you will be ready to return home to your loved ones, transformed and refreshed.

If you are seeking the ideal location for your next group event or meeting, we are ready to serve you and bring your vision to life. We are happy to accommodate special dietary needs, guest room requests, and conference room setup preferences. Enjoy a sense of seclusion in nature, within the comfort and convenience of a modern conference center.

The staff of the Archbishop Brunett Retreat Center at the Palisades are eager to welcome you and make your stay as comfortable and rewarding as possible.

"Over the years, I have taken retreats at every crossroads of my life. The birth of my children, changes in career, wanting always to be the best father I could be to my children, the best friend, the best member of my community I could be. My divorce. My re-entry into courtship. I have come to the Palisades seeking Christ, and He has never failed me. And over the years, my faith that my Lord walks always with me, no matter what, has been strengthened, and enabled me to be the best example to others of my faith that I can be."
— Patrick Dwyer