“ Silent Advent Retreat ”
Men's & Women's Silent Retreat
Led by: Fr. Caleb Insco, FSSP
December 20 - 22
Private Room (meals included) - $215 Total

Shared Room (with friend or family member):
(meals included) - $180 Total per person

Special Notes: Please note that this retreat will offer the Extraordinary Form of the Mass only. Masses will be in Latin, and booklets will be provided.

As we approach Christmas, this retreat will focus on some of the singular graces given to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Since She is the Mother of Jesus Christ it was fitting that God give Her graces according to Her dignity. And so the conferences and readings will be Marian in nature. This silent retreat will be an opportunity for you to pray and foster a greater devotion to the God-Bearer who introduces the Son of God, Emmanuel, to the world. There will be plenty time for rest, reflection and spiritual reading.
I was raised in the small town of Page, Arizona. My parents moved there from Michigan before I was born, and so I am the only Arizonan in my family. I am the youngest of three, my sister is 14 years older and my brother 10. When I was old enough, I worked at a Chinese restaurant that my best friend's family owned. I then started working full time in an Italian restaurant when I was 16. Since high school, it was my dream to eventually have a family-owned Italian restaurant. When I moved to Phoenix, I looked into culinary school and after I discovered that the tuition was way out of my range, I followed my father's suggestion to go into nursing. I earned my CNA license and worked at the Veterans Hospital for 4 years before I ended up at the seminary.

I do not have a spectacular vocation story. I never wanted to be an altar server growing up and I, unfortunately, left the Church during High School when I got into all the things a teenager shouldn't be getting into. I believed in God and the Church, but I was by no means living a good life. When I turned 21, by the grace of God, I was inspired to attend Mass on Easter and only by His grace did I begin and continue to practice the faith. Our Lord waited for me patiently and continues to be patient with me, despite my sins, defects and struggles. One day, I was visiting a friend at her house and when I was helping her dad move something out of the car, he dropped something and said a curse word. When she heard him, she said to him, "be careful in what you say because Caleb is going to be a priest." It shocked us both, since I had never thought about the priesthood and consequently never spoke about it. So the idea was sowed, and I began to cultivate it with prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. As the years went by, I regularly attended daily Mass, spent time with Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, and entrusted myself to Our Blessed Mother and gave Her my vocation. I put myself completely in Her hands and asked Her to help me do God's will. In 2005 I applied to Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Lincoln, Nebraska and asked Our Lady to let me in. I don't think I would have been accepted to the seminary in 2007 had She not interceded.

I decided to join the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter because it is an order that offers the Extraordinary Form of the Mass exclusively. All the Sacraments are done according to the Liturgical Rites of 1962, which was before Pope Paul VI approved the current Ordinary Roman Rite of the Mass. The prayers and traditions contained in the Mass were so beautiful that I was drawn closer to God and was willing to devote my life to His service in this way. So after 7 years of studies and time spent in a parish, I was ordained a priest in 2016, the Year of Mercy, by Bishop Bruskewitz at my seminary, on the feast day of Pope St. John Paul II. I am very grateful for all the Lord has given and taken away. I am truly unworthy of what I have received but I am mindful too that it is only by the goodness and wisdom of God that I am what I am, nothing more, nothing less. I recommend to anyone seeking God's will, to go to Our Lady, and spend a lot of time before Christ in the Eucharist and He will draw you closer to Him. In your charity, please pray for me and my brother priests.

Ite ad Ioseph!


Our guestrooms have one queen or double sized bed per room. Rooms are simply furnished with bedding, towels, and soap as well as a Bible and crucifix.


Registration includes all presentations, six meals, and two nights in a comfortable room with private bath. Scholarships are available. Retreat payments are non-refundable.


On the first evening of your retreat, you are welcome to arrive any time between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. The retreat will officially begin with dinner at 6:00pm. The retreat will conclude at 1:00pm on the last day of your retreat, following lunch.


Special dietary requirements will be gladly met if you make your needs known to our kitchen staff. A guest fridge is also available for guest use in the Dining Room.


A computer with internet access is open for use in our lobby, and WiFi is available throughout the building.


Help is available 24 hours a day. Our staff or retreat volunteers are eager to assist you throughout your stay. Coffee, tea, and fresh baked cookies are offered 24/7 in the Dining Room. Our Chapel is always open, giving you a quiet place for prayer and reflection any time of the day or night.